Our procedure

The first contact is often by email or telephone, after you have seen part of our portfolio of real-estate, via our website, which gives you a first impression of the area and an idea of the possibilities.

Our experience is that even if we sent you extensive video material of a property or surrounding area, it would still not give you a proper feeling for the property. You will miss the important sensation of being on the spot: would you feel yourself at ease on that special spot?

For that reason, it is logical that you should come to Portugal and look around for yourself. You can travel on your own and arrange to meet us, but we also can pick you up at the airport in Porto and/or make reservations for you in a hotel nearby.

We will show you around the real-estate in which you are interested and/or we can show you a selection of properties that are available for purchase to give you an impression of the area and what you can get for your money. Afterwards we will discuss once again your wishes to make sure we understand fully your requirements. You would not be the first (or last), who after a visit, changes your wishes completely.

When a suitable property has been found, we will negotiate for you with the seller, help you with the Provisional Purchase and the Purchase itself, as well as to make all the arrangements with the lawyer and notary. Furthermore we will arrange the payment of the Purchase-tax and the registration of the real-estate with the Land Registry Office and the Tax-service and help you also – if needed – to obtain a mortgage. Also the service of connection/transfer of the Public Utilities, to open a bank-account, to insure the real-estate etc. – as a matter of course – is included in our service.

After the purchase of the real-estate, you can get – if you want it – guiding during the construction or reconstruction. We have contacts and experiences with various constructors and other craftsmen in this region.

If you would like to let out your house during the time you are not using it, we can advice you and get in touch with other agents who will advertise your property and handle all the rental arrangements.

The portfolio of Calvos Casas is mainly situated in the province Minho in the North of Portugal, but we receive more and more advertising from the middle and the Silver Coast.

The Minho is the area where, percentage wise, the Portuguese take most of their internal holidays. However the area does not feel crowded and there is no feeling of mass-tourism.

The region is also becoming more and more popular with foreigners visitors, who are appreciating the nature, the hospitality of the local Portuguese and the appealing prices of Minho. Some are simply looking for a house to spend their holidays in and some are looking to settle down permanently.
You will find the atmosphere, slow pace of life and kind-heartedness of the locals, is a great relief after all the stress and rush of the daily life-style in various countries in Europe. We have divided our portfolio to the best of our ability in chronological order based on the demand prices on our website. Be aware that these are in almost all cases, only demand prices and do not include mediation costs.

When you are interested in the purchase of land for construction, real-estate for restauration or directly habitable houses, then you have come to the right place. You may be surprised to find cost of restoring and/or constructing properties to be very appealing. With a new build house, you can design a home exactly the way want. It is possible to obtain – for a reasonable amount of money – a lot of space and privacy, whether it is by purchasing an existing house or construct a new one.

A lot of people preceded before you. In our guestbook you will find their references.
Contact us without obligation and we will gladly inform you about all the possibilities.