Who is?

I’m Herman van Katwijk and the manager of “Calvos Casas ”. I’m living in Portugal since April 2000 and since then dealing with the purchase and selling of real-estate, restoration and construction of houses and providing advice in any other real-estate matters.

Some background information

After the first acquaintance with Portugal  within the framework of my job, I visited Portugal several times and crossed the country for a further acquaintance.
In the Spring of 1998 was bought a more than 300 years old quinta (wine farm) in Calvos, Vieira do Minho, and this property has been restored completely in 2004.

I worked for more than 25 years as manager in the Mental Health Care and for the last years as an interim-manager.
I speak the Portuguese language and I’m well informed of all the ins and outs to purchase, to sell, to restore and to transfer real-estate in Portugal.

In January 2006 the company has moved to the village Calvos and since than I use the name of Calvos Casas. I joined the branch-association for real-estate agents (IMOPPI) from 2007 till 2011 to offer better security and guarantees to our customers.

For you this means that you can count upon a trustfull couple speaking the Portuguese- and several other foreign languages and also living permanently in Portugal and therefore able to offer you the best of services.

Authorized real-estate agent

In 2006 I passed the obligatory examination of professional skill with the Association of real-estate IMOPPI.

Because of the enormous burocracy I’ve decided not to prolongate the licence and to change the enterprise from a limited in a normal firm. That means in fact that I offer the same skills, the same advice and a very good service but that I’m not allowed to promote myself in Portugal as an authorized real-estate agent.